Wedding Bells Are Ringing Across The Pond….Britain’s Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle plan to marry on May 19, 2018.

Reports are, it will be an intimate, casual ceremony at a rustic little chapel in Windsor Castle. For Americans, it’s a fun excuse to wear a funny hat and drink alcohol before noon!

Harry designed the engagement ring himself. It features a diamond from Botswana accompanied by two smaller diamonds from Diana’s jewelry collection, which the Prince said he wanted to include “to make sure she’s with us on this crazy journey together.”

The couple will live in Nottingham Cottage in the grounds of London’s Kensington Palace, the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. May they have many happy years together!




To the moon Alice……to the MOON!! LOOKING TO SPACE IN 2018

Two lucky civilians will go to the moon in 2018!!

SpaceX announced that it will take private citizens — who have already paid a significant deposit — to the moon on its crew-compatible Dragon 2 capsule.
Elon Musk of SpaceX plans to fly two private citizens on what will hopefully be a round-trip, circumlunar mission to Earth’s nearest neighbor.
“Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration,” SpaceX said in a statement.

According to Musk, SpaceX was approached by two individuals who expressed interest in the mission, which is expected to skim the moon and carry them into deep space on the company’s Dragon Capsule and Falcon Heavy rocket after launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
A press release from SpaceX stated that the pair “have already paid a significant deposit to do a moon mission.” The clients’ identities have not been released. SpaceX said that additional information about the team will be released following approval, health and fitness tests.



The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are set to begin Thursday, Feb. 8.  The 23rd Winter Games will be an exciting month of competition in sports like figure skating, hockey, curling and many others.

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony will begin at 8 a.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 9. The Closing Ceremony takes place at 8 a.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 25.




Feb. 8

Curling — Mixed doubles round robin

Ski Jumping — Qualification

Feb. 9

Curling — Mixed doubles round robin

Figure Skating — Men’s and pairs

Freestyle Skiing — Qualifying, men’s and women’s moguls

Feb. 10

Biathlon — Women’s 7.5 km sprint

Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 7.5km skiathlon

Curling — Mixed doubles round robin

Women’s Hockey — Preliminary Round: Japan vs. Sweden, Switzerland vs. South Korea

Luge —Men’s heat races

Short Track — Qualification: women’s 3000m and 500m relay, men’s 1500m

Ski Jumping — Normal hill

Snowboarding — Men’s slopestyle qualifying

Speed Skating — Women’s 3000m

Feb. 11

Alpine Skiing — Men’s downhill

Biathlon — Men’s 10 km sprint

Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 15 km skiathlon

Curling — Mixed doubles round robin

Figure Skating — Short dance, ladies short program, pairs free skate

Freestyle Skiing — Women’s moguls

Women’s Hockey — United States vs. Finland, Canada vs. Olympic Athletes from Russia

Luge — Men’s heat races

Snowboarding — Men’s slopestyle final, women’s slopestyle

Speed Skating — Men’s 5000m

Feb. 12

Alpine Skiing — Women’s giant slalom

Biathlon — Men’s and women’s pursuit events

Curling — Mixed doubles semifinals

Figure Skating — Men’s and ladies free skate, ice dance free dance

Freestyle Skiing — Men’s moguls

Women’s Hockey — Switzerland vs. Japan, Sweden vs. South Korea

Luge — Women’s heat races

Ski Jumping — Women’s competition

Snowboarding — Women’s slopestyle final, women’s halfpipe qualifying

Speed Skating — Women’s 1500m

Feb. 13

Alpine Skiing — Men’s alpine combined

Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s and women’s individual sprint finals

Curling — Mixed doubles bronze and gold medal matches

Women’s Hockey — Canada vs. Finland, United States vs. Olympic Athletes from Russia

Luge — Women’s heat races

Short Track — Women’s 500m final, men’s 1000m qualifying, men’s 5000m relay qualifying

Snowboarding — Women’s halfpipe final, men’s halfpipe

Speed Skating — Men’s 1500m

Feb. 14

Alpine Skiing — Women’s slalom

Biathlon — Women’s 15km individual

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Figure Skating — Pairs short program

Men’s Hockey — Preliminary round: United States vs. Slovenia

Luge — Doubles competition

Snowboarding — Men’s halfpipe final

Speed Skating — Women’s 1000m

Feb. 15

Alpine Skiing — Men’s super-G

Biathlon — Men’s 20km individual

Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 10km individual

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Figure Skating — Pairs free skate

Freestyle skiing — Women’s aerials qualifying

Women’s hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Canada

Men’s hockey — Preliminary matches

Luge — Team relay competition

Skeleton — Men’s competition: heat races

Snowboarding — Men’s cross

Speed Skating — Men’s 10,000m

Feb. 16

Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 15km individual

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Figure Skating — Men’s short programs

Freestyle Skiing — Women’s aerials final

Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Slovakia

Ski Jumping — Men’s large hill qualifying

Snowboarding — Women’s cross

Speed Skating — Women’s 5000m

Feb. 17

Alpine Skiing — Women’s super-G

Biathlon — Women’s 12.5km mass start

Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 4x5km relay

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Figure Skating — Men’s short program final

Freestyle Skiing — Women’s slopestyle qualifying, final; men’s aerials qualifying

Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Canada

Women’s Hockey — Two knockout round matches

Short Track — Men’s 1500m, women’s 1000m

Skeleton — Women’s heat races

Ski Jumping — Men’s large hill

Feb. 18

Alpine Skiing — Men’s giant slalom

Biathlon — Men’s 15km mass start

Bobsled — Two-man sled heat races

Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 4x10km relay

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Freestyle Skiing — Men’s slopestyle qualifying, final; men’s aerials final

Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include Sweden vs. Finland

Women’s Hockey — Classification matches

Speed Skating — Women’s 500m, men’s team pursuit qualifying

Feb. 19

Bobsled — Two-man heat races

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Figure Skating — Ice dancers

Fresstyle Skiing — Women’s halfpipe qualifying

Women’s Hockey — Semifinals

Ski Jumping — Team competition

Snowboarding — Women’s big air qualifying

Speed Skating — Women’s team pursuit qualifying

Feb. 20

Biathlon — Mixed relay

Bobsled — Women’s heat races

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Figure Skating — Ice dance, free dance

Freestyle Skiing — Women’s halfpipe final, men’s halfpipe qualifying

Men’s Hockey — Knockout rounds

Women’s Hockey — Classification matches

Nordic Combined — Large hill competition

Short Track — Women’s 1000m qualifying, men’s 500m qualifying, women’s 3000m relay final

Feb. 21

Alpine Skiing — Women’s downhill

Bobsled — Women’s heat races

Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s and women’s sprint semifinals

Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin

Figure Skating — Ladies short program

Freestyle Skiing — Men’s cross

Men’s Hockey — Quarterfinals

Snowboarding — Men’s big air qualifying

Speed Skating — Men’s and women’s team pursuit finals

Feb. 22

Alpine Skiing — Men’s slalom

Biathlon — Women’s 4x6km relay

Curling — Men’s semifinals

Freestyle Skiing — Men’s halfpipe final

Women’s Hockey — Bronze and gold medal matches

Nordic Combined — Team competition

Short Track — Men’s 500m finals, women’s 1000m finals, men’s 5000m relay

Snowboarding — Men’s and women’s parallel giant slalom qualifying

Feb. 23

Alpine Skiing — Women’s alpine combined

Biathlon — Men’s 4×7.7km relay

Curling — Men’s and women’s semifinals

Figure Skating — Ladies free skate

Freestyle Skiing — Women’s cross

Men’s Hockey — Semifinal matches

Snowboarding — Women’s big air final

Speed Skating — Men’s 1000m final

Feb. 24

Alpine Skiing — Team event

Bobsled — Four-man competition heat races

Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 50km mass start

Curling — Men’s gold and silver match, women’s bronze match

Men’s Hockey — Bronze medal match

Snowboarding — Men’s big air final, men’s and women’s giant parallel slalom finals

Speed Skating — Men’s and women’s mass start

Feb. 25

Bobsled — Four-man heat races

Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 30km mass start

Curling — Women’s gold medal match

Figure Skating — Exhibition gala

Men’s Hockey — Gold medal match






Sit back, relax and enjoy the sky

These Are The Dates To See The Best Natural Phenomenons Of 2018

January 2nd – Full Wolf Supermoon
The name derives from the Native American tribes, who would first start to witness hungry wolf packs howling, and this time it’s achieved supermoon status due to full moon coinciding with its closes approach to earth.
Expected to look 12-14% larger than the average full moon, the best time to see this will be around 2.24am.

January 3rd – Quadrantids Meteor Shower
The first meteor shower of 2018 will happen on the night of January 3rd and into the early hours of the following morning. If the skies are clear, you’ll get an incredible view of some magical shooting stars!

January 31st – Total Lunar Eclipse
If you’re in North England or Scotland, you should be able to experience the first lunar eclipse of 2018 right at the end of January.

April 22nd – Lyrid Meteor Shower
An abundance of shooting stars are expected to peak on the evening of April 22nd and through to the early hours of April 23rd – but, you’ll have to be lucky to see many, as the first quarter moon might mean there’s too much of a bright sky for the meteor shower to be noticeably visible. Here’s hoping!

May 6th – Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
You should be a able to get a good view of this meteor shower just before dawn, providing you’re based somewhere with little light pollution, and the skies are nice and clear.

July 27th – Total Lunar Eclipse
The second eclipse of the year will be a lot more visible to the U.K than the one earlier on in 2018, and it will also be a Blood Moon, so definitely one to make time for!

August 12th – Perseid Meteors
This celestial wonder will bring us one of the most active and brightest meteor showers of the year, so expect to see an abundance of shooting stars dancing their way across the atmosphere – and if the cloud coverage is minimal, it will be a great one to watch.

October 8th – Draconid Meteor Shower
The first of two meteor showers in October will peak just before nightfall on the 8th.

October 21st – Orionid Meteor Shower
You’l have to stay up a bit later to catch this second lot – they’ll be most active just after midnight right through til sunrise.

November 17th – Leonids Meteor Shower
Look towards the constellation Leo, and you should be able to marvel a fantastic meteor shower! During this time, the Earth passes through a stream of debris left behind by a comet.

December 13th – Geminids Meteor shower
Experts claim that this shooting star spectacle will be the BEST of the year, and can produce 60-80meters per hour when it’s at its peak – normally you’d expect to experience around 25 per hour

As comes with any celestial-based activity, it’s important to ensure that you situate yourself somewhere where there’s very little light pollution, and nothing major obscuring the skyline – experts recommend an open field or similar. Then, if you lie flat on your back and look up at the sky, you should get the best view of some seriously impressive space-action!  Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!



William Raveis is proud to welcome Nalini Hage to BUDD PROPERTIES. Nalini’s commitment to exceptional service with honesty and integrity are aligned with the values of Budd Properties, a leading Real Estate Group at William Raveis in Fairfield County, Connecticut. 






Nancy Budd & Nalini Hage
(203) 984-8922



When you hear the words “curb appeal”, you immediately understand what that means – does your home have what it takes to make a POSITIVE impact on the person looking at your home? Is your landscaping clean and well-kept? Is your home’s paint of good quality and in good condition? Does your front door make a lasting impression?

If your front entrance is looking shabby, an item you may consider installing is a hardwood door.

385 Nod Hill Rd Wilton CT-large-001-256-385 Nod Hill Rd-1499x1000-72dpi



Chinese New Year starts on Friday February 16th……2018 is a Year of the Dog.
In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle. 2018 is an Earth Dog Year.
Years of the Dog include 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030… The Dog occupies the eleventh position in the Chinese zodiac, after the Rooster, and before the Pig.
If you’re born in a Dog year, you’re a Dog, and the following are deemed lucky for you:
  • Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9
  • Lucky colors: red, green, and purple
  • Lucky flowers: rose, cymbidium orchids
Unlike the New Year we celebrate here in the USA, the date of Chinese New Year differs from year to year. Chinese New Year is known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival and the meaning of the festival is for families to come together and wish each other peace and prosperity. A zodiac animal on the lunar-solar Chinese calendar is represented annually. People are said to hold similar personality traits to the animal named after the year they were born. Bow-wow.
NANCY BUDD (203) 984-8922


2018 Connecticut Holidays

Below you will find a list of the 2018 Connecticut state holidays. The Constitution State celebrates both Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays along with many of the federal holidays.

Jan 1 New Year’s Day Monday
Jan 15 Martin Luther King Day Monday
Feb 12 Lincoln’s Birthday Monday
Feb 19 Presidents’ Day Monday
Mar 30 Good Friday Friday
May 28 Memorial Day Monday
Jul 4 Independence Day Wednesday
Sep 3 Labor Day Monday
Oct 8 Columbus Day Monday
Nov 12 Veterans’ Day
Nov 22 Thanksgiving Thursday
Dec 25 Christmas Day Tuesday




Traditionally, Spring is “prime time” in most areas of the country when it comes to buying and selling homes. If that’s when you plan, here are 10 things you can do beforehand.
10 steps to selling:
  2. CALL BUDD PROPERTIES (203) 984-8922.  We are here to help you sell your property efficiently and painlessly.
  3. Get your home inspected.
  4. Fix up your property both inside and out before marketing.
  5. Devise a comprehensive marketing plan.
  6. Go through your home improvement files and appliance, roof, and systems warranties.
  7. Set a price. We will run a comparative market analysis for you.
  8. Understand your price in todays market.
  9. Get rid of the “junk” and stage your property. We are accredited home staging professionals (ASP) and we will help you every step of the way.  Remember you can only make a first impression once, make it a great one!
  10. We will have professional photographs taken and get the marketing plan in place. Together we can pick the perfect time to introduce your property to the market.

Roadtrip…..Come to Stonington CT!!

I believe one of the most charming towns in Connecticut is Stonington, on the Connecticut coast near the Rhode Island border. Stonington, Connecticut, is a classic New England seaside community with a beautiful, picturesque harbor, interesting little shops, narrow streets, wonderful restaurants and a solitude that makes you feel like your miles away from everything.  Take a walk to the Stonington Harbor Lighthouse at the end of the point and watch the boats go by. While you are in Stonington Village, try Water Street Cafe, Noah’s or Dog Watch, a few of my favorite restaurants. If you are there on a Saturday don’t miss the extensive farmers market!   The farmers market runs Saturday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM,  June to October at the Stonington Borough Town Dock, Front St at High St.  Please note that The Stonington Farmer’s Market moves indoors for the winter, Saturdays, 10am – 1pm at the Velvet Mill, 22 Bayview Avenue. Stroll through the Market and the Mill art studios any time of year, it’s a lot of fun.

Relax and enjoy a bit of New England charm in Stonington, you will be glad you did.

Remember…Connecticut is a great place to call home!