Do your Part ~ Energy Efficient Homes

Let’s do our part. I had CL&P come do a home energy analysis of my home, it was amazing how much energy they saved us!

imagesIf you are thinking of building a new energy efficient home in Connecticut you should take a look at Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) new home construction program.

If you an existing home in Connecticut then you should check out CL&P Home Energy Solutions program that gives you about $600 of services at a cost of $75 along with an analysis on how to energy improve your home.

Be The “Hot Property” In Your Real Estate Market

I have had a long career in Fairfield County as an interior designer and several years ago I became an accredited home staging professional.  I find that many people don’t realize that there is a big difference between home decoration and design and home staging.  Decorating and Design are based on the homeowner’s preferences and Staging is focused on appealing to a wider audience. Staging a house makes the house look its best in order to help the homeowner get the best price.  Once a house is professionally staged it not only looks great in person but the photographs used in advertising and on the internet will stand out from the rest resulting in more showings and offers coming to the home owner. Selling a house? Get a complementary home staging consultation when I list your house. I would be happy to get your house ready for sale, maximize its marketability by creating a favorable first impression and get it sold for you quickly and for the most money. Visit my web site at

Be the “hot property” that has buyers excited!

Pets and Selling Your House

Selling your house but keeping your pets

Big or small, your pets smell and they probably shed too. Beware of pet odors.  Invite a friend over to take a smell test before putting your house on the market. If you have pets IMG_6110get all the rugs steam cleaned and be extra vigilant about picking up after your pets both inside and outside the house.  Also be sure to keep any pet toys and bones hidden from view when agents or buyers are coming to your listing. Try to take your pet with you in the car when you know potential buyers are coming to your house. Use this time to your advantage; maybe a walk together will benefit you both!

My First Post

Connecticut is a great place to live.  CTaPlaceToCallHome is about just that.  As a lifelong resident and a Professional Home Stager/Realtor I am very familiar with all that Connecticut has to offer.  There are many wonderful things to see and do in CT and I hope to share many of them with you. I will pass along insiders tips and articles about Connecticut and Real Estate in this great state. If you are thinking of moving to Connecticut I will pass along valuable information that will help you with your search.  If you already reside here I will help you with fun places to see, great places to eat, and some insiders hidden gems in this great State. Come join me, sit back relax and enjoy my blog!