Connecticut. A place to call home for many famous people.

CT is one of the oldest states in America, making it the birthplace of many inventors and early leaders. There are also many musicians, actors, actresses and politicians from Connecticut. Check out these famous people from our state:
A. Ethan Allen
B. PT Barnum / Nancy Budd
C. Glenn Close
D. Brian Dennehy
E. Jonathan Edwards
F. Will Friedle
G. Charles Goodyear
H. Katharine Hepburn
I. Charles Ives
J. Betsey Johnson
K. William Atherton Knight
L. Norman Lear
M. John Mayer
N. Ralph Nader
O. Frederick Law Olmstead
P. Gene Pitney
R. Meg Ryan
S. Harriet Beecher Stowe
T. Charles Tiffany
V. Mo Vaughn
Z. Madeline Rose Zima