Selling Your House? 6 Tips to Boost Its Curb Appeal

Selling You House? Many buyers do a quick drive of a property, often deciding on the spot if it is even worth a look inside. Make sure your house is ready to lure these qualified buyers with these six tips:
1. Power wash siding and walkways
2. Plant blooming flowers and fresh greenery
3. Mow the lawn or add fresh sod as needed
4. Wash all windows
5. Touch up paint on the house
6. Make sure outside light fixtures are cleaned and have working bulbs / keep lights on in the evenings


How accurate is Zillow?
I view Zillow and its “Zestimate” as a tool to get a wide ballpark range for a property. If you are deciding to buy or sell it may give you a general idea of where you might be if all things were equal. However, not all things are equal in life. Zillow assumes that all the properties in a particular area have the same amenities and should be considered “comparable’s”. The conditions of homes vary dramatically. A home with updated amenities and immaculate landscaping should not be priced the same as a house that is run down and needs major work. My advice is to use Zillow for a close but not necessarily accurate value. Nothing beats a professional comparative market analysis (CMA) prepared by a realtor. I would be happy to prepare one for you. Call me for a consultation and complimentary CMA on your property today.