Home Buyer Reciprocity Explained

Broker Reciprocity allows me as a Realtor® to show and sell any home listed by any real estate company. When I am working with buyers to find that perfect home I don’t look to see who’s listing it is. It doesn’t matter. Finding the perfect home is all that really matters. I am often asked if I can show homes listed through other real estate companies and have talked to buyers who believe that if a home is listed through a certain agency they have to work with one of their agents to see it. Not true, any agent from any real estate company can show our listings.

Find the agent you like best. One that you trust to be there for you every step of the way. I like to think of myself as a trusted agent in Connecticut. Real estate companies don’t sell real estate, licensed real estate agents sell real estate and in real estate, trusting your agent really does matter. If you look at my testimonials from past clients you will see that I am a full time professional Realtor who puts in the extra time and effort to make my clients transactions smooth and successful.

For real estate agents broker reciprocity means that there are thousands of agents helping us find buyers for our listings. It also means that if we are representing a buyer we will get paid through the sellers broker, in most cases the seller pays the commission as an incentive for the buyers agent. Buyers need representation and our expertise as they go about making often the most expensive purchase most people ever make.
Call me and let me help find you the perfect home!

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