Brrrrrr….even your car knows that it is cold outside!

Cars, like people, don’t function as well in cold weather. Your car doesn’t like it anymore than you. Because most people can’t hibernate all winter, I have compiled a list of precautions to increase the odds of your car functioning in extreme or unseasonable cold.

1. Before a big freeze it’s best to check your antifreeze. If you don’t know how to check it, run your car to a mechanic or an auto parts store and they’ll check it for you. A locked up engine will cost more than most anything else on your vehicle to repair.

2. If your engine is slow to crank on a cold morning it’s most likely because of a poor or failing battery. Cold weather is a tell-tale sign of your battery going bad.

3. For safety be sure to check you tire pressure before a long commute on a cold morning. Cold air compresses inside a tire and the pressure can drop significantly (many times you will see a low tire pressure light come on in the car on a cold morning). This can lead to a blowout. Make sure your tire is inflated to proper levels.

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Color Trends for 2015

2015 is here! It is already mid January and the temps outside are falling. Take your mind off the frigid winter days ahead and start thinking Spring. At Fashion Week last fall, cooler and softer hues splashed the runway and are forecast to be the hot color trends for Spring 2015. This diversified mix of softer brights, pale pastels and nature-inspired neutrals are the top hues that designers are raving about for this spring’s home decor. The mix of soft and cool shades fused with understated warm hues create an easy, stress-free attitude that soothes the fast and hurried pace of everyday life. Check out the ten top colors and let their relaxing tones inspire you as you update your home decor for the new season.

Aquamarine,Scuba Blue,Lucite Green,Classic Blue,Strawberry Ice,Tangerine,Custard,Toasted Almond,Marsala,
Glacier Gray

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These new hues for Spring will look great on the walls, throw pillows, rugs, bedding and accent pieces. Use your creativity to suit your own taste and have some fun decorating your home for the new season ahead!
Happy New Year!

There is a new member of NBC’s TODAY show…..

Guiding Eyes Partners with NBC’s TODAY Show

I am very excited to share that NBC’s TODAY show will join the Guiding Eyes Puppy Raising Team!

On January 14th, TODAY will welcome a Guiding Eyes For the blind puppy, who will appear on the show daily for the duration of his time in the puppy program. Our pup will help Matt Lauer read breaking news and assist Al Roker with the weather forecast. He will meet a host of A-list celebrities and enjoy a special home in the famous “Orange Room.”

Puppy Raiser and staff member Saxon Eastman will take on the unique role of “TODAY” handler. She will be with Puppy every day as he’s on set – ensuring that all of these exciting moments remain positive socialization opportunities. She’ll also continue to attend weekly classes in the Westchester Puppy Raising Region.

As is the nature of show business, some non-traditional things will happen. TODAY viewers will have the chance to name Puppy – using names beginning with “W” that have been pre-approved by our Canine Development Center staff. In addition, Puppy will wear a specially designed vest when he appears on the show. Such fun!!

Here is “Puppy”
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Guiding Eyes provides guide and service dogs that expand horizons for people to achieve life’s goals.
I raised a pup for Guiding Eyes, it was a wonderful experience. I continue to be a pup sitter and trainer for those active raisers when they go away.


Happy birthday Connecticut! As reported by Wikipedia, on Jan. 9, in 1788, Connecticut became the fifth state of the Union.


Flag Meaning: Three grapevines are on the silver shield in the middle of the flag. The three grapevines symbolize what the colony brought over from Europe and planted in America. The state motto, “Qui transtulit sustinet ,” appears under the shield. The flag was adopted in 1897.

A little Connecticut State trivia:
State Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet (He who transplanted still sustains)

I’ve Moved!

To be able to offer you more… I’ve made a professional move.

I’ve been invited to affiliate with one of the most productive real estate companies in the world. In an effort to provide continuing quality service, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve elected to accept the position.

William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance is the No. 1 family-owned real estate company in the Northeast and the No. 8 real estate company in the country, according to REAL Trends. William Raveis’ Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance divisions have been awarded the Gold Medal distinction by the Commercial Record and by Banker & Tradesman. The firm was named the Most Innovative Brokerage by Inman News, and has consistently been ranked the best place to work by Fox CT, Hearst Connecticut and the Boston Business Journal. William Raveis has 3,500 highly trained sales professionals in more than 108 company-owned and affiliate offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine and Vermont. For more information, visit the best website in real estate,

Starting today I can be reached at:
William Raveis Real Estate
44 Old Ridgefield Road, Wilton (next to Open House in Wilton Center)
(203) 984-8922
Please make a note of my new address and telephone number for all of your real estate needs.

Nancy Budd has joined Raveis Real Estate

Beware…don’t start a fire!

BEWARE… can start a fire when you discard a 9-volt battery. These are the size of battery you would normally find in smoke detectors. Because the positive and negative posts are so close to each other, all it takes is a little bit of conductive metal for disaster to strike. In fact, just touching a piece of steel wool to a 9-volt battery will instantly make the steel wool erupt in flames.

In order to properly keep a 9-volt battery safe for disposal, the National Fire Prevention Association recommends covering the posts of the battery in electrical tape. NFPA also insists that you never throw away 9-volt batteries, but instead take them to a disposal site near you.

Be safe!!