There is a new member of NBC’s TODAY show…..

Guiding Eyes Partners with NBC’s TODAY Show

I am very excited to share that NBC’s TODAY show will join the Guiding Eyes Puppy Raising Team!

On January 14th, TODAY will welcome a Guiding Eyes For the blind puppy, who will appear on the show daily for the duration of his time in the puppy program. Our pup will help Matt Lauer read breaking news and assist Al Roker with the weather forecast. He will meet a host of A-list celebrities and enjoy a special home in the famous “Orange Room.”

Puppy Raiser and staff member Saxon Eastman will take on the unique role of “TODAY” handler. She will be with Puppy every day as he’s on set – ensuring that all of these exciting moments remain positive socialization opportunities. She’ll also continue to attend weekly classes in the Westchester Puppy Raising Region.

As is the nature of show business, some non-traditional things will happen. TODAY viewers will have the chance to name Puppy – using names beginning with “W” that have been pre-approved by our Canine Development Center staff. In addition, Puppy will wear a specially designed vest when he appears on the show. Such fun!!

Here is “Puppy”
Image 2

Guiding Eyes provides guide and service dogs that expand horizons for people to achieve life’s goals.
I raised a pup for Guiding Eyes, it was a wonderful experience. I continue to be a pup sitter and trainer for those active raisers when they go away.

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