A Holiday Tradition

IMG_5909In our house we know what we are eating on December 25th, every year it is the same. It is a welcome tradition and one that leaves us full of both food and the reassurance that family traditions are very special. Everyone is gathered together and we are all looking forward to our delicious Christmas dinner.  If they are not with us, we know our siblings and their families are enjoying a very similar meal in other parts of the country. Our meal consists of: Nana’s jello salad, roast beef, a vegetable (green beans with almonds is a favorite), a green salad, and a special desert, usually a yule log. As an appetizer we always have shrimp cocktail and I have stated the tradition of oriental meatballs (just to jazz it up a bit…and they are delicious!). Whatever your holiday traditions are, enjoy this time with your family and friends. May this holiday season be one filled with joy. Cheers!


Holidays are…a wonderful time to sell a house?

Article from the Wilton Daily Voice

Holidays are…a wonderful tome to sell your house!

By, Nancy Budd


WILTON, Conn. — It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to sell a house??

The holidays can be a great time to sell if you have flexibility and are prepared. Before you hold off listing your home until next year, consider the benefits of listing your home for sale during the holidays.

The amount of listings on the market drop, which means less competition for your home. With less competition you could potentially sell your house faster and for a higher price. The home buyers are generally very motivated during the holiday season.

Although there will be fewer buyers looking at homes this time of year, the buyers who do look are more serious about closing. There are some buyers who purposely choose to purchase a home before the new year to receive a tax write off.

Home buyers who close before the end of the year could be eligible for tax credits, such as a deduction for home mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and PMI premiums. Buyers looking during November and December are typically more serious about the house hunt. They might include families relocating for job changes, first-timers ready to leap during a slow market, and those who’ve recently sold a home and need a new place to live.

The holiday market is full of motivated homebuyers. Some buyers simply thrive in the more relaxed environment, with fewer competitors for top properties and more attention from agents. You’ll have fewer showings, but they’ll be a lot more powerful.

Holiday season buyers are typically motivated and financially ready. Please Contact me to learn how to make the selling process as painless as possible any time of year, even during the holidays.

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By, Nancy Budd (Realtor at William Raveis Real Estate)

WILTON, Conn. — Ready to move? The holidays are a great time to sell!

Hoping for a signed contract in your stocking? Follow my advice on holiday home selling and you could capture the interest of one of these serious buyers.

Staging a property for sale is important whatever the season, but there are some special things to consider during the holidays. You should decorate for the holidays, just remember to keep the clutter in check and keep holiday decorating simple and elegant. For those homeowners in the selling market, it’s important to decorate tastefully and carefully select the right décor to showcase your home.

Of course, not many people would buy a home solely based on holiday décor, but it may actually play a part in their decision making, whether they realize it or not. We tend to gravitate to homes that we can easily imagine living in. When a home evokes an emotional connection or a traditional feel, it grabs our attention.

Showings are crucial to selling your home and during the colder months, the weather can be dreary so it’s important to keep spirits high by creating a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Consider playing soft music in the background, keeping all of the lights on in the house, using fragrant candles in the kitchen (mandarin orange, cinnamon, or apple are great holiday scents), keep your home at a cozy temperature, if you have a gas fireplace keep it lit, make sure walkways and driveways are maintained and free of ice.

Curb appeal is extremely critical at all times of the year, the first impression we have of a home is its exterior. We can imagine what it looks like behind the façade, but until we enter the home, we have to rely on our imagination to guide us.

Keep in mind, if a potential buyer is in love with the outside of your home, they will definitely want to see the rest. Forget the Christmas lights covering all of your bushes. A well lit, well maintained front door with elegant planters and a beautiful wreath are a great way to welcome buyers to your home.

Remember, the key to selling your home during the holiday season is to not go overboard. Less is more and a little classic traditional style can go a long way.

Nancy Budd is a Realtor for William Raveis in Wilton. For more information, contact Nancy at 203-984-8922 or at nancy.budd@raveis.com. Visit her website: nancybudd.com.
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