By, Nancy Budd (Realtor at William Raveis Real Estate)

WILTON, Conn. — Ready to move? The holidays are a great time to sell!

Hoping for a signed contract in your stocking? Follow my advice on holiday home selling and you could capture the interest of one of these serious buyers.

Staging a property for sale is important whatever the season, but there are some special things to consider during the holidays. You should decorate for the holidays, just remember to keep the clutter in check and keep holiday decorating simple and elegant. For those homeowners in the selling market, it’s important to decorate tastefully and carefully select the right décor to showcase your home.

Of course, not many people would buy a home solely based on holiday décor, but it may actually play a part in their decision making, whether they realize it or not. We tend to gravitate to homes that we can easily imagine living in. When a home evokes an emotional connection or a traditional feel, it grabs our attention.

Showings are crucial to selling your home and during the colder months, the weather can be dreary so it’s important to keep spirits high by creating a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Consider playing soft music in the background, keeping all of the lights on in the house, using fragrant candles in the kitchen (mandarin orange, cinnamon, or apple are great holiday scents), keep your home at a cozy temperature, if you have a gas fireplace keep it lit, make sure walkways and driveways are maintained and free of ice.

Curb appeal is extremely critical at all times of the year, the first impression we have of a home is its exterior. We can imagine what it looks like behind the façade, but until we enter the home, we have to rely on our imagination to guide us.

Keep in mind, if a potential buyer is in love with the outside of your home, they will definitely want to see the rest. Forget the Christmas lights covering all of your bushes. A well lit, well maintained front door with elegant planters and a beautiful wreath are a great way to welcome buyers to your home.

Remember, the key to selling your home during the holiday season is to not go overboard. Less is more and a little classic traditional style can go a long way.

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Moving With Your Furry Friends

May is “National Moving Month”. It marks the official beginning of the moving season, a four-month period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when millions of American families relocate. Most of us consider our pets to be members of the family. As a result, every possible measure should be taken to ensure the safety and comfort of all nonhuman family members during the upheaval of a relocation. Moving can be hard on everyone involved: adults, kids, and yes… even your pets! While your pet may not understand exactly what is going on, they can sense the stress that the whole family is experiencing. Add to that the fact that animals are creatures of habit and do not like changes to their usual routine, and you can understand why they become confused. Your pets can also become quite anxious when all of a sudden, they see their human family busily throwing everything around them into boxes. Animals, just like people, can behave rather badly when under stress, so please remember that we need to do all we can to help them feel secure throughout the moving process. Before your moving truck arrives be sure to get your records from the Vetrinarian and ask him or her for a referral to a new vet in the community where you are moving.
Once you have moved try scoping out area dog parks and walking trails that you can enjoy with your pet. Your pet will be king (or queen!) of your new home in no time. IMG_0403

Happy Earth Day Connecticut

HAPPY EARTH DAY. Its our earth, lets protect it!

Are you emptying a home or downsizing? Here is a great service. @bestbuy offers a directory—organized by state—to help you dispose & #recycle#electronics & large #appliances responsibly, and at no charge to you.

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Happy Earth Day- A little change goes a long way!

In honor of Earth Day I want to make an effort to bring my own water bottle places as opposed to using plastic water bottles. The tap water is safe almost everywhere in the US and for those who don’t like the taste there are water filters. Buy a water bottle like mine for a few bucks and use it instead of buying bottles water. Did you know you can bring an empty bottle to the airport and then fill it once you get through security?

Bottled water is the most popularly consumed drink in the country, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Those in support of bottled water claim it’s convenient, safer and better-tasting than tap water. Those in support of the tap point out potential contaminants, increased cost and potential exposure to plastic-based chemicals as reasons to avoid bottled water. If you choose bottled water, you’re likely to be safe, but you should know about a few potential side effects. Plastic water bottles have become an indispensable companion of the modern era, helping us stay hydrated while on the go. But are we getting more than just water in our reusable plastic bottles? Many types of plastics contain an organic compound called bisphenol A, or BPA. You may not know it, but you come into contact with this chemical every day since it can be found in eyeglasses, compact discs, fax paper, food storage containers, dental fillings, soda cans, all sorts of household electronics and baby bottles. The biggest concern is the potential for BPA to leach from plastics intended to hold or dispense food and beverages, including plastic water bottles. One of the most obvious impacts of plastic bottles is what happens after the water has been consumed. Despite the recycling infrastructure that exists in the US in order to facilitate the recycling of these bottles, according to the Container Recycling Institute, over 85% of plastic water bottles used in the US become garbage that ends up in landfills. Considering that approximately 60 million plastic water bottles are used every day in the US, we can be safe to assume nearly 18,834,000,000 end up in landfills each year. Each bottle can take up to 700 years to decompose.

Here is a startling statistic…in the US alone 17 million barrels of oil a year is used to make enough bottles of water to keep up with demand. Additional fuel is needed to put the water in the bottles and ship it to a store near you.

My step is a small step but if we all make a concerted effort to avoid plastic water bottles we can make a difference. Happy Earth Day!

Flowers Flowers Everywhere


Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your soul.

Check out White Flower Farm
167 Litchfield Road, Morris CT
They open in April for the season.
For inspiration for your own garden take a tour of their beautiful gardens!

You are welcome stop by my house in Groton Long Point to say hello, very often you will find me in my gardens!

Stonington Connecticut, a charming costal town.

Without a doubt, one of the most charming town in Connecticut is Stonington, on the Connecticut coast near the Rhode Island border. Stonington, Conn., is a classic New England seaside community with an impossibly beautiful, picturesque harbor, interesting little shops, crooked, narrow streets, great restaurants and a solitude that makes you feel like your miles away from everything. Late in the day, the streets are virtually empty which allows residents and visitors to feel totally at peace and enjoy the fresh ocean air and beautiful sunsets. IMG_1269

Happy Spring!


There is so much to do in Connecticut in the Spring! Maple sugaring cues the advent of spring, a showcase for New England’s love of gardening. Festivals around the state celebrate daffodils, tulips and lupines, lilac, roses and dogwood. Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Head to an outdoor antiques market to browse fashionable vintage items and find unique antiques for your home – or take the whole family hiking as part of the many beautiful Connecticut Trails.

Check out the wonderful Spring events at Ambler Farm in Wilton:

Simple House Repairs to do in the winter

Simple Home Repairs to Lift You Out of Winter’s Funk

Accomplishments — even little ones — go a long way toward a sunny outlook. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy, quick home repair chores you can do when you’re mired in the thick of winter. For max efficiency, make a to-do list ahead of time and shop for all the tools and supplies in one trip. On your work days, put the basics in a caddy and carry it from room to room, checking off completed tasks as you speed through them.

What to Look (and Listen) For
In each room, look around and take stock of what needs fixing or improving. Focus on small, quick-hit changes, not major redos. Here are some likely suspects:

1. Sagging towel rack or wobbly toilet tissue holder. Unscrew the fixture and look for the culprit. It’s probably a wimpy, push-in type plastic drywall anchor. Pull that out (or just poke it through the wall) and replace it with something more substantial. Toggle bolts are strongest, and threaded types such as E-Z Ancor are easy to install.

2. Squeaky door hinges. Eliminate squeaks by squirting a puff of powdered graphite ($2.50 for a 3-gram tube) alongside the pin where the hinge turns. If the door sticks, plane off a bit of the wood, then touch up the paint so the surgery isn’t noticeable.

3. Creaky floor boards. They’ll shush if you fasten them down better. Anti-squeak repair kits, such as Squeeeeek No More ($23), feature specially designed screws that are easy to conceal. A low-cost alternative: Dust a little talcum powder into the seam where floorboards meet — the talcum acts as a lubricant to quiet boards that rub against each other.

4. Rusty shutoff valves. Check under sinks and behind toilets for the shutoff valves on your water supply lines. These little-used valves may slowly rust in place over time, and might not work when you need them most. Keep them operating by putting a little machine oil or WD-40 on the handle shafts. Twist the handles back and forth to work the oil into the threads. If they won’t budge, give the oil a couple of hours to penetrate, and try again.

5. Blistered paint on shower ceilings. This area gets a lot of heat and moisture that stresses paint finishes. Scrape off old paint and recoat, using a high-quality exterior-grade paint. Also, be sure everyone uses the bathroom vent when showering to help get rid of excess moisture.

6. Loose handles or hinges on furniture, cabinets, and doors. You can probably fix these with a few quick turns of a screwdriver. But if a screw just spins in place, try making the hole fit the screw better by stuffing in a toothpick coated with glue, or switching to a larger screw.

Safety Items
You know those routine safety checks you keep meaning to do but never have the time? Now’s the time.

7. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If you don’t like waking up to the annoying chirp of smoke detector batteries as they wear down, do what many fire departments recommend and simply replace all of them at the same time once a year.

8. Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. You’re supposed to test them once a month, but who does? Now’s a great time. You’ll find them around potentially wet areas — building codes specify GFCI outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, and for outdoor receptacles. Make sure the device trips and resets correctly. If you find a faulty outlet, replace it or get an electrician to do it for $75 to $100.

Another good project is to replace your GFCIs with the latest generation of protected outlets that test themselves, such as Levitron’s SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI ($28). You won’t have to manually test ever again!

9. Exhaust filter for the kitchen stove. By washing it to remove grease, you’ll increase the efficiency of your exhaust vent; plus, if a kitchen stovetop fire breaks out, this will help keep the flames from spreading.

10. Clothes dryer vent. Pull the dryer out from the wall, disconnect the vent pipe, and vacuum lint out of the pipe and the place where it connects to the machine. Also, wipe lint off your exterior dryer vent so the flap opens and closes easily. (You’ll need to go outside for that, but it’s quick.) Remember that vents clogged with old dryer lint are a leading cause of house fires.

11. Drain hoses. Inspect your clothes washer, dishwasher, and icemaker. If you see any cracks or drips, replace the hose so you don’t come home to a flood one day.

12. Electrical cords. Replace any that are brittle, cracked, or have damaged plugs. If you’re using extension cords, see if you can eliminate them — for example, by replacing that too-short lamp cord with one that’s longer. If you don’t feel up to rewiring the lamp yourself, drop it off at a repair shop as you head out to shop for your repair materials. It might not be ready by the end of the day. But, hey, one half-done repair that you can’t check off is no big deal, right?

Jeanne Huber is the author of 10 books about home improvement. She writes a weekly column about home care for the Washington Post.

Dam those ice dams

Just read some advice on dealing with ice dams:
Hacking away at ice dams with a hammer, chisel, or shovel is bad for your roofing—and dangerous for you. And throwing salt on them will do more to harm to your plantings than to the ice. Short of praying for warm weather, here are stop-gap measures we recommend.

Take a box fan into the attic and aim it at the underside of the roof where water is actively leaking in. This targeted dose of cold air will freeze the water in its tracks. “You’ll stop the leak in a matter of minutes,” says TOH general contractor Tom Silva.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are two of my favorite Valentines Day Quotes:

Time is too slow for those who wait.
Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice,
But for those who love, time is eternity.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Your Home is Blessed
Because of You!